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We have searched the net for lawyers who are doing an excellent job of content marketing. It seems that most of them are in Houston, Texas.

We have been keeping an eye on a certain Criminal Attorney in Downtown Houston. Every month he surprises us with new content that is actually engaging.

Mr. DeLuca makes great content because he seems to write his blog from the perspective of a client. The most important thing in content marketing is to get into the mind of your reader. You have to feel what they feel and then write the content from that perspective.

As you can imagine, getting a drunk driving ticket is a life changing event, and Mr. DeLuca seems to let the reader know that he is well aware of this. For instance, have a look at this quote from his DUI Lawyer Reviews Article:

Some online review websites are more reliable than others, but many of them share the same faults. The good thing about online review websites is that you have a chance to read real feedback from actual clients. Before the internet it was extremely difficult to get unbiased feedback from past customers of any service business. Today it is as easy as doing a Google search for “service name – review.”

However, you should be aware that “reviews” can be purchased or outsourced on websites like:,, and Additionally, many review websites or directories are little more than paid services where a practioner can pay to be listed as one of the Top 10 Services in City. And the top positions usually cost more than the lower positions.

That kind of writing really endears the reader to you. Most lawyer blogs don’t get nearly that personal or nearly that honest. You can learn a lot about marketing by reading this Texas lawyer’s blog.


Top 3 Lawyer Marketing Scams

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SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, “Reputation Management,” Social Media Management…it’s the snake oil of our time.

Online marketing is a space filled with scams, and scammers.

There are few businesses that you can actually trust in this industry. When you find someone in this industry that you can trust, well, you just try to learn all that you can from them.

We’ve been paying attention to an up and coming player in the online marketing space, who helps lawyers generate new clients from their online presence. He seems to have a grasp on what it takes to actually produce major value for his clients in the online marketing arena.

We asked Dustin Sanchez, a law firm marketing consultant and licensed attorney, to write a guest contribution for us describing the Top 3 Lawyer Marketing Scams. What follows is quite eye-opening…

For more lawyer marketing tips from Dustin Sanchez, you can visit his YouTube channel here.

Lawyer Marketing Scam # 1

We own your hosting, we own your website, we own your domain name.

Be weary of any online marketing company that wants to build your website, AND host your website on their platform (i.e., a platform that they own).

You should own your domain name. Meaning you need to go to a domain registrar like or and register your domain name yourself.

Don’t let your marketing company own your domain name.

You should own the hosting account upon which your law firm website is hosted. Meaning, YOU should set up a hosting account at either,, or some other web hosting company, and pay a monthly hosting fee to that company.

Do not let your marketing company own your hosting account.

If your marketing company owns your domain name, and they own your hosting, then they own your website, and no matter how completely useless they are (in terms of making your website generate new clients for your firm) you can never leave.

Lawyer Marketing Scam # 2

Overpriced Generic Video Marketing Company

WHEN DONE CORRECTLY…Video marketing works, it’s one of the most effective online marketing methods in 2017, and will replace / over-shadow all other forms of marketing as the internet evolves.

But, if nobody sees your video, then that $10,000, high-production, high-definition, beautiful video that Overpriced Generic Video Marketing Company made for you is completely worthless, it generates zero clients for your firm, it’s worth zero dollars.

Overpriced Video Marketing Company is scamming you because they are charging $6,000 to $10,000 to make a TELEVISION COMMERCIAL, that you are going to use for INTERNET marketing.

Television commercials don’t work on the internet. Let me explain.

Just now, I did a Google search for “dallas dwi lawyer fees” the video below was on the first page of the search results, which means that people are actually going to see it. That takes care of the first issue. Now let’s look at will this actually work for internet purposes.


Do it yourself Vloggers like this guy end up making videos that look very low budget.


If it looks like you sitting at your desk holding your iPhone with your right hand and a script in the left hand, then that will work 10x better on the internet, than a $10,000 hi-production television commercial style video from Overpriced Video Marketing Company.

Why does this work?

Because he’s just talking. He’s not selling. He’s not asking for anything, which I think is a bit of a mistake…the guy should have at least said something like, “give me a call if you need a lawyer,” but the entire point of internet video marketing is just to build trust.

And I don’t mean build trust as in, make whoever is watching this video think you got all A’s in law school and that you are an incredibly competent lawyer.

I mean build trust as in…make whoever is watching this video “like you.”

That’s it, that’s the entire point of online video marketing, because people do business with people they LIKE.

We are not logical beings.

We like someone…we give them our money.

And this video, awkward and strange as it is, makes me like the guy.

You don’t need to spend $5,000 to $10,000 to do that.

What You Need to Make A Video That Works on the Internet

  1. A $10,000 per video Overpriced Video Marketing Company An iPhone or Android Phone
  2. Adequate lighting – – a few bucks at Amazon
  3. A tripod for your iPhone or Android – – a few bucks at Amazon (always hold the phone Horizontally, not vertically)
  4. Enough personality to convince whoever is watching your video that they might not hate you.
  5. Relevant traffic to the video, either put the video itself on Page 1 of the Google Search Results, or put the webpage that the video is embedded on on Page 1 of the Google Search Results, or make a Facebook Video Ad for it. But if you are just going to make a $10,000 video and embed it on a webpage that has zero relevant traffic going to it [which is exactly what Overpriced Video Marketing Company is offering] then that video is completely worthless.

Lawyer Marketing Scam # 3

The “We Do It All Marketing Company”

This has got to be the biggest scam out there, and it’s really not just aimed at lawyers, but a lot of attorneys fall for this one.

A Hypothetical…That’s Actually True

There are about 40,000 divorces every year in Harris County, Texas.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization, if I put you on Page One of the Google Search Results for – Houston Divorce Lawyer, (and your website design is optimized to convert internet traffic [mobile and desktop] into phone calls), then you are going to get 10 – 20 new divorce clients per month. Each of those cases will average between $3,000 to $7,000 of income for your firm…which equals about $30,000 a month on the low end that results simply from your first page Google ranking.

In terms of Facebook Marketing, if I build you a Facebook Ad that generates clients at will, like I did for this divorce attorney, then every time we turn it on your law firm is going to get at least $3,000 to $7,000 a week while it’s running, which averages about $12,000 a month in income to your firm on the low end.

SEO & Facebook Marketing, those are my 2, extremely specialized, areas of expertise.

It involves several highly specialized skills, like, building a website or landing page that is optimized to convert lawyer website traffic into phone calls.

  • Notice I didn’t say building a pretty website, because building a website that makes money for lawyers has absolutely nothing to do with how pretty it looks.
  • Notice I didn’t just say website traffic, I said lawyer website traffic.

It involves having a virtual Phd in the Google search algorithm that took years and $$$$ to decipher.

It involves having a firm grasp on the human psyche, and knowing what causes a human being to take action when they read experience something on the internet.

It is as close to magic as you can get.

I arrange a bunch of digital bytes, signals, ones and zeros. You can’t touch them, you really can’t even see them. And from that, physical dollars appear in your bank account.


Because I have the skill to bring $30,000 a month (on the low end) to any law firm. And I only do it via 2 very specialized ways.

And what happens is, you get a phone call from Yelp, or, or FindLaw, or AVVO, or Yodle, or INSERT BIG INTERNET COMPANY here, i.e., the “We Do It All Marketing Company.”

First they get you with the website.

And they sell you a pretty website. Not a website that is designed to make you money. That’s a highly specialized skill. Anyone can build a pretty website. Building a website that is designed to convert relevant traffic into money is a highly specialized skill. Nobody, sitting in a cubicle, making $13/hr at We Do It All Marketing Company has that skill.

And they convince you to let them own the hosting and the domain name, such that you end up paying an over-priced monthly fee just to have a website.

And hey…since we handled your web design, let us handle your SEO, it’s basically the same thing right…It’s all just internet marketing right?

Then they upsell you to a monthly SEO package.

We’ve already discussed how highly specialized this skill is. And in terms of R.O.I., if I put your law firm on page one of the Google search results for big city dwi lawyer, then that is a guaranteed $30K/month, on the low end.


Sitting in a cubicle…

Making $13/hr at We Do It All Marketing Company…

Knows how to bring your law firm $30,000 a month. They especially don’t know how to do that using SEO.

Then they upsell you to a monthly social media management package.

Because hey…we built your website, we’re handling your SEO, we’re an internet company, so we must know how to bring your law firm money with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter right?

WHAT? You’re not Tweeting? You got to be Tweeting…

Well, pay us $xxxxx/month and we’ll be tweeting 20 times per month for you. But what you really want is the premium package. For just just $75 a month more than the basic package, we will actually tweet 100 times per month for you…and we’ll throw in Instagram for free during the first 12 months.

Imagine all the money your law firm is going to make when we re-tweet someone else’s blog articles on your Twitter account every month.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop at Instagram and Twitter.

For just $40 per month more than the premium package, we’ll also handle your Facebook advertising.

Yes, you see, what we are going to do is actually very complicated…

We are going to take Google Pay Per Click Advertising tactics that worked in 2009, and use those advertising tactics to create FACEBOOK Ads for you, that don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of converting into paying customers (see below).

Because advertising on Google Pay Per Click…

When people are searching, on a search engine, for a lawyer.

Is the exact same thing as advertising on Facebook…

When people are wasting time on a social media platform reading about the latest Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump shenanigans.

Hell, it’s all just the internet right? And we do…”Do It All”…at We Do It All Marketing Company.

It is actually difficult to explain this scam in very few words.

From an expert’s viewpoint, when I examine the industry, it is very easy to see this scam in action every day.

Hiring “We Do It All Marketing Company” to handle your SEO is kind of like a scenario where if you were a billionaire, and you wanted to win an NBA Championship.

You might say, “I need to hire a team of…

All-Star NBA Players.”

Or you might say, “I need to hire a team of…

people who know how to play basketball.”

Or you might say, “I need to hire five people who are…

generally athletic, because athletes know how to play basketball, and I’m trying to win an NBA Championship.”

That’s what is going on when you hire “We Do It All Internet Company” to make your law firm money via search engine optimization (highly specialized skill), or Facebook marketing (highly specialized skill), or video marketing (highly specialized skill), or any other form of internet marketing.

When you hire someone to do your SEO, you don’t want SEO, you want money.

When you hire someone to do your video marketing, you don’t want a beautiful, high-definition video, you want money.

When you hire someone to build your website, you don’t want a website, you want money.

When you hire someone to handle your social media marketing, you don’t want tweets and shares, you want money.

We Do It All Internet Company can hire ANYONE, sit them in a cubicle, pay them $13/hr, and have them tweet, twenty times a day, for 200 different clients.

It is easy to find someone who knows how to tweet.

We Do It All Internet Company has 20,000 to 40,000 websites that they manage for 20,000 to 40,000 other businesses just like yours.

This fact necessitates that We Do It All Internet Company must hire EMPLOYEES, to handle every aspect of your marketing.

Employees get paid whether your law firm signs a single new client this month or not.

We Do It All Internet Company has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of employees who know how to tweet, or share, or “do your SEO.”

And if you want to buy tweets and shares, then hire We Do It All Marketing Company.

But if you want your law firm to make money, then you have to realize that nobody with the skill of making money is sitting in a cubicle anywhere. The very word “employee” makes the person with the skill of bringing your law firm $30,000 a month want to vomit.

Nobody who knows how to make your law firm money is sitting in a cubicle anywhere, asking a boss if they can have 2 and a half hours off on Thursday to take their kid to the dentist.

People who know how to make money, generally don’t ask anyone for permission to do anything, that’s the entire point of learning how to make money.

If you are just looking for someone to QUOTE, do your SEO, END QUOTE, or you are just looking for someone to QUOTE do your social media END QUOTE, then sure, hire We Do It All Marketing company, and they will “do your SEO” or “do your social media,” but don’t expect any of that to make MONEY for your law firm, that’s what experts do (832) 305-5997.

The DWI Lawyer Near Me Phenomenon

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We are seeing many law firms tying to find unique and innovative ways to generate extra search traffic.

In 2017 there has been a significant emphasis on long-tail traffic search terms (best criminal attorney 2017) as opposed to standard keywords (San Diego Criminal Attorney).

One thing we have seen that takes advantage of this trend is a lot of attorneys fighting for the “near me” and “near by” keywords, like “divorce attorney near me” and “dui checkpoints near me“.

At first glance, this does not seem like a sound strategy. But we will be watching several of these attorneys because some of those “near me” search terms get upwards of 10,000 searches per month and traffic like this could rocket a small attorney website to prominence in just a few short weeks.

If you decide to give some of these longtail keywords a try, please update us on your progress if you hit on a winner.

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